High School Academic Program

Completion of Elementary School Education or equivalent is required for entry into Grade 8. For other grades, completion of relevant high school courses with satisfactory marks will be used in the evaluation process.

English as a Second Language Program

For high school applicants: Most recent two years of transcript demonstrating satisfactory marks on academic subjects.

  • Documents

    Application form
    Application fee of $200.00
    Most recent 2 years school transcript
    Passport photo

  • Forward To

    Registrar’s office
    Royal Canadian College
    8610 Ash Street
    Vancouver, BC
    V6P 3M2 Canada

  • Results

    Once the application and the supporting documents have been received, the Registrar’s office will process the application and then notify the applicant of the result.

  • Payment

    Successful applicants are required to prepay their tuition fees and will be issued an invoice indicating the school fees to be remitted to the College.

Applicants are to prepay the tuition for a study period of one year. On receipt of the tuition fee, the College will issue a Letter of Acceptance and official receipt to the student.

A. Program Related Fees

Application Fee (non-refundable) $200.00


Tuition For All Programs

One academic year $18,800.00
Laboratory and Library Fees $250 /year
Refund Policy


Book Fees*

ESL students per semester, approximately $250.00
Book deposit for Secondary School grades 8-10 students $300.00
Book deposit for Secondary School grade 11 students $400.00
Book deposit for Secondary School grade 12 students $500.00

* Book deposits are fully refundable, minus $100.00 fee.

B. Other Fees (Where Applicable)

Homestay Placement Fee (non-refundable)** $200.00
Airport pick-up Fee** $75.00
Approximate Monthly Homestay Fee $2,000.00


Medical Insurance Premium

B.C. Medical Services Plan $75.00 /month
Private Insurance Starting from $2.00 /day


Wire Payment Service Charge $40.00


** No service will be provided until fees are fully paid.

Payment Information

All fees are to be paid in Canadian dollars. Acceptable forms of payment: Money Order, Bank Draft, Cash, Cheque or Wire Payment (Please contact us for detailed bank account information).

For an overseas student, a Canadian Study Permit is required for study in Canada and must be obtained outside of Canada. The applicant should get the student visa application form from the nearest Canadian High Commission, Embassy or Consulate using the College’s Letter of Acceptance.

RCC Scholarship

RCC has a scholarship program for outstanding students with award values up to $5,000.

To qualify, students should demonstrate one or more of the following qualities.

  • An outstanding academic record
  • Proof of well-roundedness (e.g. extra-curricular, volunteer, work related experience)
  • Demonstrated exceptional improvement in academic performance

Potential scholarship recipients are identified during the admissions process based on the academic and application information received. The selected candidate will then be contacted by the RCC administration and will be asked to complete a Royal Canadian College Scholarship Application Form. Currently registered RCC students (continuing students) are also welcome to apply for the scholarship program. The same criteria will be applied to each application to determine if the continuing student qualifies for a scholarship.

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